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Capital Gate Is A Company That Has Started Providing Its Professional Administrative Consulting Services In 2009 Through Its Two Branches In Palestine And Jordan. It Gained The Confidence Of Companies And Organizations Dealing With It. Since Its Establishment, It Has Been Known For The Quality And Comprehensiveness Of The Administrative And Advisory Services That It Generously Provides To Its Clients.

The Company Works In The Field Of Providing Administrative And Consulting Services And Assisting Emerging And Existing Local And Foreign Companies, As Well As Governmental And Non-Governmental Organizations, To Strengthen Their Infrastructure To Ensure Their Sustainability Through The Professional Services It Provides In The Administrative Field. Capital Gate Seeks To Enable Its Customers To Gain Competitive Advantages Through The Optimal Use Of Their Available Resources.



investment Services

Palestine Is Considered An Attractive Environment For Investment. However, We Took Into Account Some Of The Risks Involved In This Investment And Its Type. We Offer Investment Advice In “Capital Gate” For The Investor To Get The Best Investment With The Lowest Possible Risk. Among These Services:

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Helping to find and create local and regional investment opportunities.
Assisting in establishing companies and preparing them to launch their business in Palestine and Jordan.
Evaluating and managing investment opportunities and preparing studies on existing and new projects.


institutional building development Services

Any existing company is threatened by many risks, especially family businesses after the entry of the third generation to work. We work in “Capital Gate" to provide consultations that contribute to strengthening the company's infrastructure in a way that preserves the sustainability of work and its development within the foundations and rules of good governance, through:

Corporate governance services.
Preparing and developing internal organizational regulations, work policies and procedures.
Consulting the integrated institutional building and strategic development of organizations
Corporate organizational development consulting and restructuring


human resource management Services

Wise management, by linking human resources and organizational strategies, plays an important role in the process of expansion and progress that enterprises seek in a contemporary environment characterized by strong competition. The human resources systems aim to update employees' awareness of all aspects of the work environment and urge them to participate and engage in the general strategy of their enterprise. The following are some of the services provided by “Capital Gate” within this framework:

Providing all consultations related to human resources management in the institution
Managing employee files remotely administratively and financially on behalf of the operators
Providing periodic and surprise external monitoring services on the quality of the performance of the human resources department
Establishing and operating the human resources department of the institution wholly and partly


Financial and banking advisory Services

Proper financial and tax planning is the secret behind the enterprise's ability to continue and achieve the best results and keep it away from any financial threats, in “Capital Gate” and through experts with long experience, we provide the following services

Providing tax consultations in its various fields and preparing the best tax planning for your organization
Providing internal auditing and coordinating external financial auditing services
Providing financial advice in all its forms
Establish and operate the internal audit department in the organization

Capital GateTeam

Capital Gate works through its team of local and foreign experts specialized in the field of providing management advice, as we use some regional and global full-time expertise in its fields of work to succeed in our clients' business, in addition to specialists in human resources, administrative, financial and legal services.

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