About Capital Gate

Capital Gate is a company that has started providing its professional administrative consulting services in 2009 through its two branches in Palestine and Jordan. It gained the confidence of companies and organizations dealing with it. since its establishment, it has been known for the quality and comprehensiveness of the administrative and advisory services that it generously provides to its clients.

The company works in the field of providing administrative and consulting services and assisting emerging and existing local and foreign companies, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations, to strengthen their infrastructure to ensure their sustainability through the professional services it provides in the administrative field. Capital Gate seeks to enable its customers to gain competitive advantages through the optimal use of their available resources.

Targeted Clients
The company targets all local and foreign institutions and organizations operating in Palestine, in addition to the establishments, emerging and existing companies of small.
Seeking to build an efficient and effective Palestinian society.
Providing high quality administrative and consulting services that enable customers to gain a competitive advantage through the optimal usage of their available resources in order to strengthen their economic activity.

Standards and Values

  1. Professional honesty: Selecting the best experts as members for our expert team according to qualifications, experiences, and actual self-abilities to provide the best consulting solutions to achieve the goals and to develop the performance.
  2. Confidentiality and protection of customers’ information: Out of our awareness that customer’s information is a real capital, we are committed to strict confidentiality and not to disclose any information that we know about our clients.
  3. Continuous development: Continuous development in tools, methods, and work systems to achieve goals and implement the latest management practices globally and apply them locally under the slogan “Who does not progress will be out of date".
  4. Social responsibility to preserve the national wealth: The people of the nation are its wealth. Consequently, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the people leads to the elevation of society and guarantees a decent life for citizens in Palestine.
  5. Focus on details: Details make the difference. We always look for accuracy and details in work, no matter how small, they mainly contribute to making the right decision; and thus reflect positively on the development of the client's business.
  6. Making the difference: Comparing results, in addition to performance, really enables you to see the difference before hiring our staff and after. Our main responsibility is making the difference that is the best for your organization.
  7. Making a difference: Comparing results, in addition to performance, enables you to see the difference when using our staff, and before that. We are responsible for making a difference to let you reach the best in your organization.

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