human resource management Services

Wise management, by linking human resources and organizational strategies, plays an important role in the process of expansion and progress that enterprises seek in a contemporary environment characterized by strong competition. The human resources systems aim to update employees' awareness of all aspects of the work environment and urge them to participate and engage in the general strategy of their enterprise. The following are some of the services provided by “Capital Gate”

within this framework:

Establishing and operating the human resources department of the institution wholly and partly, including

Establishing The Human Resources Department In The Enterprise In All Its Stages And Providing Management And Operation Services For This Department In A Fundamental And Professional Manner Within The Standards And Practices Followed In This Regard, On A Full Or Part-Time Basis By The Specialist Staff Of “Capital Gate”, Including:
  • Building the organizational and administrative structure of the institution, including the proper administrative hierarchy.
  • Designing job descriptions for all departments/sections within the organization, and defining in detail the employees’ relationships and their power of authority.
  • Preparing the human resources guide and obtaining approval from the specialized government organizations.
  • Building work contracts and agreements and other forms to support the recruitment process and the work of the Human Resources Department.
  • Building salary scales and determining increases and allowances.
  • Building a training plan for employees and determining an allocation from the budget to conduct the development of the department and its staff..
  • Designing annual and periodic evaluations and providing rewards based on the evaluation.
  • Managing the recruitment process from the announcement of the position until selection and nomination.
  • Managing schedules related to employee work time and vacations periodically.
  • Make monthly and periodic statements of salaries and benefits Managing the employees’ insurance file. Managing the termination process for employees. Perform electronically and paper archiving for all files of the Human Resources Department.
  • Provide consultations related to the labor law, instructions, and regulations issued by the competent authorities.

Providing periodic and surprise external monitoring services

On The Quality Of The Performance Of The Human Resources Department, Issuing Reports On The Extent Of Its Compliance With Internal Policies And Procedures And The Extent Of Their Application To The Official Laws And Regulations Applied In Palestine, Conducting Special Investigations In The Event Of Any Administrative Or Financial Corruption In The Department, Presenting The Results Of Investigations, And Providing Recommendations To Management In this Regard.

Managing employee files remotely administratively and financially on behalf of the operators:

by doing the following:
  • Attracting employees or announcing jobs for the benefit of local or foreign companies.
  • Determining the shortlist of candidates and interviewing shortlisted candidates.
  • Preparing the job file with all its legal, administrative, and financial requirements.
  • Preparing the employees to start work by introducing them to the work systems and policies.
  • Presenting and following up on work residency affairs for foreign employees and following up with the relevant departments
  • Managing the employee's monthly file from directing, supervising, and managing monthly salaries and tax deductions by applicable laws and regulations in this regard.
  • Managing the termination process for employees. Providing consultations related to labor law, instructions, and regulations issued by the competent authorities.

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