Financial and banking advisory Services

Proper financial and tax planning is the secret behind the enterprise's ability to continue and achieve the best results and keep it away from any financial threats, in “Capital Gate” and through experts with long experience.

we provide the following services:

Providing financial advice in all its forms

setting financial policies and procedures, preparing and examining annual accounts and results, monitoring the extent of their compatibility with established budgets, and identifying points of convergence and difference between the balance sheet, income statement and the budget.

Providing internal auditing and coordinating external financial auditing

services to enterprises, and monitoring the compliance of these financial applications used in the enterprise with international standards, internal regulations and valid laws.

Establish and operate the internal audit department in the organization

by implementing the following:
  • Establishing necessary policies and procedures for internal auditing.
  • Hiring full/part-time employees through “Capital Gate” to work on auditing and reviewing the financial statements and the accounting procedures in your organization.
  • Submit reports on internal control, their results, and recommendations for improvements.
  • Following up on the implementation of the recommendations of the internal control report

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